burger restaurant whitehouse tx

Appease Your Appetite With Burgers and Sandwiches

The steak and burger restaurant of choice in Whitehouse, TX

Who doesn't love a fresh, flavorful burger? What about sandwiches and hot dogs will lots of fixins? Fresh, home-cooked meals are what we're all about at Montez Creekside Kitchen.

We only use the best cuts of meat for our meals so you know you're getting a delicious dinner. We serve great toppings and sides to compliment every dish, so you'll be stuffed and satisfied when you leave.

More than just sandwiches

If you're looking for a delicious dinner in Whitehouse, TX, look no further. Our menu features a wide mix of foods, including:

  • Flavorful sandwiches
  • Loaded hot dogs
  • Juicy, handcrafted burgers
  • Delicious, locally-sourced steaks

Meat lovers unite-whether you want a juicy burger or a huge steak, you'll satisfy your craving at Montez Creekside Kitchen. We can cook everything to your specific needs. Check out Whitehouse, TX's premier burger restaurant today.